Do you need help with digital ocean?


I used this method (successfully) but i lost the location of the Virtual environment…

can anyone help?


Are you running a digital ocean, raspberry pi, or stand alone Linux server?


[email protected]:~# su - kegbot
[email protected]:~$ . kegbot-server.venv/bin/activate
(kegbot-server.venv)[email protected]:~$ kegbot version
kegbot-server 1.1.0

Try that.


I am running a digital ocean server.


Perfect! thank you for your help!


Hmm is the tablet not talking to the server at all or just when you pour? I if you change the keg via the server back end does it change on the tablet?


Yeah it changes. For some reason it’s not registering the ticks. I setup a Charles proxy and can see other successful service calls being made but it doesn’t want to make the ticks service call.