Edit Keg Size List Dropdown

Can you please tell me how to edit the keg size dropdown list when adding a keg?

I need to add 3 additional sizes:

  1. European 30L kegs (different to the US 7.75 gallon)
  2. 2.5 gallon Corney
  3. 3 gallon Corney.

A lot of the import beer I buy from the UK is only available in the 30 liter size and my friends and I use both the 2.5 and 3 gallon corney’s for wine.

Thank You

Last time I needed to something like this, I added KEGBOT_ENABLE_ADMIN = True to my local_settings.py.

I just tired on my new setup and I’m getting a Server Error (500) when I visit /admin now.

So your results might be different. :smile:

You probably need to run kegbot syncdb after enabling admin.

But, the innards have changed and you won’t be able to a new keg size this way any more.

I have added a feature request for this.

kegbot syncdb worked!

Thank you Both, much appreciated.