Kegboard not showing up; kegberry


Nope, reset to a base built from the image and still the kegboard mini still is not seen.
I am a little disappointed. I bought enough parts for two taps and nothing is working.


Sorry for the trouble. While we’ve been working on other parts of Kegbot, the kegberry image has fallen behind. The good news is we’re looking into it now.

I just pushed a new pre-built Kegberry image. This includes a fix for at least one of the recent issues reported with Kegberry not detecting boards.

I’ve not finished testing it, so I’ve marked it as a pre-release, but you can give it a shot in the meantime. If you’re still having problems, we’ll go from here!


I’ve been dealing with the same issues for weeks. I tried the latest pre-built image and unfortunately I couldn’t even get the web interface the load (first time this has happened in many builds). I receive a 502 Bad Gateway error and have yet to be able to access the interface. Can anyone confirm the pre-built image is working properly??


@itnetworksolutions we’re investigating – are you using a Rapberry Pi B with 512mb ram? cat /proc/meminfo to confirm.


Update - issue identified. Quick fix, replace the contents of /etc/supervisor/conf.d/kegbot with this config:

### Supervisor.conf for Kegbot -- Kegberry edition.


command=su -l kegbot -c '/home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/bin/gunicorn pykeg.web.wsgi:application --timeout=120 -w 2'

command=su -l kegbot -c 'sleep 10; /home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/bin/kegbot run_workers'

command=su -l kegbot -c 'sleep 15; /home/kegbot/kegbot-pycore.venv/bin/ --flagfile=/home/kegbot/.kegbot/pycore-flags.txt'

command=su -l kegbot -c 'sleep 20; /home/kegbot/kegbot-pycore.venv/bin/'

(The important line to change is command under program:gunicorn).

Will have a new image available soon.


Update image posted here.


Awesome! I am writing the image right now. Thank you so much for the fast response.


I am still getting “BadApiKeyError: API key does not exist” in the logs and the meters do not show up in the tap editor.

EDIT: Full errors:

GET /api/v1/flow-toggles/

 (pykeg.web.api.util) BadApiKeyError: API key does not exist
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pykeg/web/api/", line 72, in   process_view
File "/home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pykeg/web/api/", line 69, in check_api_key
raise kbapi.BadApiKeyError('API key does not exist')
BadApiKeyError: API key does not exist

GET /api/status

(pykeg.web.api.util) NoAuthTokenError: The parameter "api_key" is required
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pykeg/web/api/", line 72, in process_view
File "/home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pykeg/web/api/", line 64, in check_api_key
raise kbapi.NoAuthTokenError('The parameter "api_key" is required')
NoAuthTokenError: The parameter "api_key" is required


Mike, another updated image coming?


Ok, I’ve gotten this far… There is some error during the setup of kegberry that makes pycore-flags.txt look like this:

NOTICE: the software on this Raspberry Pi has not been fully configured. Please run 'sudo raspi-config' api key ...f2e65

Correcting this made the controller show up. Hopefully this helps someone. Maybe I’ll look into fixing it.


Thanks @chriscrewdson . That finally got my controller to recognize… I was finally able to connect taps and controllers to a new keg, just not recognizing pours… I’ll keep playing around. Already did the obvious power cycling, and kegboard troubleshooting


I am also having the issue of no pours showing up. The measurements get to the redis channel in pycore, but I’ve not traced it further than that yet.


Ok, manually created the meters on the controller, named “flow0” and “flow1”, resaving the taps after editing to point to these meters, and I am in business!
I think some of my test pours may have been below the minimum to register.


Chris would you recommend the kegbot?


I’m not sure… It seems to be the only developed solution in the space, but mine is currently inoperable and I haven’t made the time to fix it.
The (low) quality of the tablet I chose to drive it has made it worse.


Chris do you know if this company is still selling them? I would like to use one for my home possibly and configure it to work…


It appears the store is down, so I don’t know. You might be able to put your own together from
But Kegbot in general looks like it’s in a bad state now.


They are no longer selling them but you can build your own pretty easily. Just look around the forums, lots of info. I’ve had mine running over a year and I am very happy with it. I use an Acer 210 Tablet for both the app and server, so then you just need an arduino and flow meter.


How did you get it to recognize? My raspi wasn’t registering any pours. I thought I might delete the controller and let it reload to see if that would fix the issue, but now it isn’t showing any controllers in the admin page?


so never mind I am a dummy. I sat here racking my brain trying a bunch of stuff and I looked over at the raspi/kegboard and thought, I should try swapping the cable and see if that fixes my issue. Well that was it… cable swapped and it registered my pour…incorrectly but it registered it. Now I have to work on correcting what it reads the pour amount as.