Kegbot not detecting flow sensor when on server - pours not registering on internal storage mode


I have two separate issues, each related to the flow meter. When linked with digital ocean on server, neither my tablet or the server seem to think there is a flow meter connected. Tablet seems to be linked with server without issue in the case.

When I run it through internal storage on the tablet without the server, the meter is detected however it doesn’t register any pours - I’ve confirmed the flow meter is hooked up in the correct direction, also the lights on the kegboard blink when pouring, so the communication seems to be sending from the sensor to the kegboard.

Not sure if there is something I’m doing wrong here?

Appreciate any help!


Please disregard, issue resolved.


I am having the same problem.
How did you solve it?


I’ll answer myself. It was the Otg cable.

Hi Niklas, what was the issue you had with the cable? Did you just need to replace it with a different one? I am seeing a similar issue.

It was connected the wrong way. Ie: Power was connected to android unit. As soon i changed, the flow meters showed up.

Thanks! Turns out I had the same issue. It’s working now. I appreciate the help.

I seem to be having a similar issue. What do you mean it was connected the wrong way? I only see one way to hook it up. I’m using an OTG Y cable.