Kegbot Tablet not registering pours on server

I have an instance of kegbot being hosted on a cloud provider like digital ocean. My tablet is able to register with the server and everyonce and awhile registers a pour with the server. It isn’t consistent at all. Even when I have modified taps on the server, it is not reflected on the tablet.

If I reregister, it updates the tap settings, but pours do not continue to register.

Any ideas on how to fix this?!

I may have more info on this - it looks like it fails when an image is included. Ideas as to why?

Oh and even more fun… I reinstalled and started from scratch.

Now all pours are registering, along with pictures. Problem solved, until I run into this again when?

I am more than happy to provide access to my server to anyone that would like to troubleshoot with it. I will probably destroy it in a month or so if no one is interested.

I would suggest trying to install swap on the server. It fixed a host of issues I was having, and has been running fine since.

Also I experienced a similar issue when I took the tablet and meters camping as part of my jockey box.Removing the taps and meters for the server, rebooting the server and adding them again seemed to fix it.