500 Errors in Keg Room (v1.2.1)

Initially I was able to go in the keg room but then I changed a keg in there from ‘Other’ (it is a 2.5 gallon corney) to the new option of ‘Corney 2.5 gallon’ from the drop down menu and when I clicked the save button I got a 500 error. Now I am not able to go to the keg room at all, it just gives a 500 internal server error.

I have restarted the server and client machines but still get 500 error as soon as I click the ‘Keg room’ link.

Hmm… I was able to get back into the keg room by going into Database Admin and deleting the keg I edited in the keg room interface.
After deleting the keg I am able to go back in the keg room without the 500 error.

I was able to create the keg again in keg admin but seemingly I can’t edit a keg which was created in 1.1.1?