Access from internet

Trying to access Kegbot/Kegberry from internet.

Which port is it Kegbot is running on? Tried 8000 but it dosen’t work



Try 8080, for some reason that sound familiar… But I could be totally out in left field too.

Thanks. But 8080 dosen’t work.
Other sugestions?

To clarify. I want me friends to be able to follow the statistic from where ever they are.


You are going to have to configure your router at home for port forwarding, something that I am not 100% familiar with since every router is different. has some good info on it. Usually then you’ll have to register a domain with a domain host such as and then link your kegbots ip address to the domain. Be aware that cable services will change your IP address from time to time on residential account so you will have to occasionally update your domain host.

Did portfoward on My router. From port 6565 to 8080 and tried 8000. But with no luck.

Also use noip dynamic DNS service, used for a year for My other internet accesseble servers.

The correct port should be 80. If you’re not having to type a port number in when you access from inside of your home network, then that’s it. This is assuming you aren’t using SSL, which isn’t default and takes some extra effort to set up.

This information should be in the kegbot-nginx.conf file. I’ve modified mine, but it’s on the following line:

server {
  listen 80;

Thank you jragg.
Now It’s working