Adding second kegerator, 2nd Tablet and kegboard - tablet advice

Couple questions, we got a second Kegerator to have another beer option for the office. Couple questions -

  1. What tablet do you recommend that does not have the problems of the Nexus 2013 with the camera bug?
  2. Any special considerations hooking a separate tablet and board up to the same kegbot server, we would like to share all the login, stats, ID’s etc.


  1. Which issues are you referring to? I’m not sure the ones I’ve heard of are unique to the nexus 7.

  2. I run two tablets (N7 2013’s), and two kegerators on the same server, and it works fine. You will see two boards on the server and have their corresponding flow meters to tap. Once you have the board added, it’s flow meters will show up in the list with your original set on the Admin -> Taps screen. At that point it’s just a matter of picking the right meter when you tap a keg.

On the tablet app, under manage taps, you’ll be able to hide the taps that aren’t applicable on that kegerator. There is a small bug with that feature in that the app will lose which taps are hidden on an app restart. Other that that, things work pretty well with multiple systems.