Additional Sensors and a Webpage UI

I’m looking to add temperature sensors for ambient air and keg, CO2 pressure sensor, and solenoid valve. These seem to be on the list of future development for, but I’m wondering if anyone has actually done the mod on their own.

For the CO2, I don’t even know if the sensor exists. I’m just looking for a digital readout of the current pressure coming out of the tank.

For the solenoid valve, it looks very difficult as they may need a separate power supply. But my ultimate goal is to be able to lock the keg and restrict initial access via NFC or a simple on-screen passcode. I don’t need it to automatically turn off the beer after a certain amount.

Since the UI cannot display beyond more than the flow and one temperature, I’m looking to either hack up the Android UI or serve up a webpage that displays what the Android does, plus more so that it’s accessible through other devices like iPads.