Advice Needed - 3 Tap Setup

Our company wants us to setup KegBot for three taps. They also want to lock the taps.

  • My understanding is that the Arduino route is the only one that supports solenoid valves. Is that right?
  • Is there a recommended Arduino board to use? We have a Micro, but it doesn’t seem to compile for the Micro.
  • Does the Arduino project support more than two taps out of the box?
  • Is there a particular solenoid valve we need? Or will any do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The code for the Kegboard Pro Mini could probably be modified to control relays on GP2 and GP3 to control solenoids. But that will only be able to control 2 taps per KBPM. You’d need to 2x KBPMs and a USB hub to connect it all together. Along with the difficulty of acquiring KBPMs, you may be better off going the Arduino route.

I’ve not tried to use an Arduino since I have a couple KBPMs, but the specs look the same on the Micro as the Leonardo (the KBPM equivalent). What issues are you having compiling?

Looking at kegboard_config.h it looks like you’d need a Arduino Mega to support up to 4 taps.

I’ve see a few posts about people using solenoids and recommendations for them here on the forum. search around.

You can use an arduino mega to support 4 taps and 4 solenoids out of the box.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into the Mega if it supports it straight away.