After Raspberry Pi 3 setup

Hello everyone!

Thanks to this awesome post- Kegberry/Kegbot New Installation
I was able to get my raspberry pi 3 running! I just need help with what is next. I am new to all of this, from the raspberry pi to the hardware side of things.

As of right now I understand the kegbot store closed down and many of us are sort of left in the dark. There are a lot of forums out there but many suggest different ways of approaching the same topic (but not all of them work), which is mind boggling for a new user like myself!

I would ultimately like to have a working kegberry that can document how much people drank through an NFC chip reader.

Below are the parts I already have

-Raspberry Pi Model B with kegberry installed.
-Liquid Flow Meter - Plastic 1/2" NPS Threaded--
-Every cable imaginable
-Arduino Leonardo- I have not yet flashed the Kegboard firmware, but I hope the working instructions are found here-

Since I want to have an NFC authentication for my system, should i proceed with the kegberry and buy something like like this for my system?? -

Or Should I just scrap everything and buy a compatible NFC tablet then proceed on from there?