Android tablet only takes pictures on first tap

This issue has been mentioned in several other threads, but I wanted to start a dedicated one so that it hopefully gets more attention.

The Kegbot Android front end only automatically takes a picture when pouring from the first tap. Other taps show a photo preview, and properly detect the pour, but do not take a picture. You can manually click the button to take a picture, and everything works, but that’s a hassle.

Could we get some Android developer time to look into this? I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to fix. I tried looking into this myself but could not get the project properly imported into Android Studio.

There have been no updates to the Android app in a long time - is there some other front end for Kegbot I’m not aware of?

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The app hasn’t been replaced by anything. Just seems to be a low priority when it comes to development. @mikey hasn’t been around too much lately, I am guessing his actual paying job is keeping him tied up.

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I’ll try pinging one of our Android devs to look into this. One would think it’s an easy fix?

let me know if they see anything that they can fix, I’s love to have it snap shot on all taps

I have the same problem and would love to see a fix. I find that when you have a bunch of friends over to show off the kegbot, this little problem takes the fun out of things.

The only work around is to have people pour first then select their profile after pouring. Not the best solution…

I’ve also found that if you authenticate with an NFC card the Kegbot takes a picture every time (before you even pour). Another reason for authenticating users :smile: