Announcing the new Kegbot Forum, 2014 Edition!

Hi Bots! We moved the Kegbot Forum once again, and we hope this time it’s for good. Read on to find out more.

We’re now using a new forum package, Discourse. Unlike everything else we’ve tried, Discourse seems to be seriously maintained and with a modern design.

More importantly, the new forum supports a lot of features that should make hanging out here, posting, and searching for information more pleasant: inline image uploads, automatic post preview, e-mail digest notifications, and much more.

To answer a few potential questions:

Finally, we’re hoping to make the Kegbot forum more of a community-built place – and that’s where you come in! In the coming days, we’ll be looking for other Kegbot members who want to step up and help build the forum into the place to chat beer/tech. Stay tuned!

Mike & Justin