Any help or advice for android setup

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent maybe 80 hours on this project and have failed to get a working setup using the android app and a flashed arudino Uno r3.

Flashing the firmware is straight forward. I can see the TX light flash when I use test pin 12. When viewing it over the serial monitor I can see data being passed, it’s obfuscated to me but I assume that is because I am looking at the CRC binary code stream.

I am using a nexus 7 that is rooted, downloading the kegbot app from the google play store. I can connect the arudino to the nexus 7, it recognizes a device on the USB, and with a serial monitor app I can see the same sort of binary data being passed as I tap pin 12.

Inside the app itself it names the controller automatically kegboard.flow0. The only thing that isn’t working for me is the pour, no matter what I do I cannot get the android app to register a pour occurs. I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of multiple times and nothing is working for me.

I beg any and everyone to please provide me any insight on how you have succeeded where I have failed, nothing is too trivial, please any assistance.

Is this a stand alone setup, or is there a server involved? Is there a board ID assigned to the arduino?

This might help:

I’ve tried both with and without the server.

The app automatically names the controller and I do not know how to edit it.

I have tried to follow the instructions concerning the set-kegboard-serialnumber command, but it gives up trying to ping the kegboard, I am not sure if that means I have not corrected flashed the firmware onto it?