Anyone else get this random error?

Activity was detected on meter kegboard.flow.1, but no tap is connected to it. Data will not be recorded until the meter is connected.
To connect this meter, visit Manage Taps from the home screen.

It’s very random, sometimes it pops up on every pour, other times we can go a entire session with no error.

What’s the error? Does kegboard.flow1 actually exist? If not, delete the meter and you’ll stop seeing this error.

If it does exist, you’re getting phantom activity on it for some reason. I guess we could offer some way to squelch this error…

Hey Mike, kegboard.flow1 does not exist and it is not attached to my meter.

My meter is attached to Kegboard.flow0.

I have disconnected the coaster and this message still pops up. sometimes it pops up so much we can’t even pour a beer without it being interrupted, other times we can go days.

Looks like I know the cause of this error, I am getting some type of noise interference back feeding from the power plug . Not sure why it started all of a sudden, I haven’t added anything new both kegerator wise, or power wise in the house. But I did notice the computer that is in the garage with the kegerator sometimes makes the USB unplug/plugin sound the same time this message pops up.

not sure where to even start to troubleshoot this.

When I have my relay/solenoid valve hooked up i get the above message a lot more (almost every pour)
When it is unhooked I get the message every other pour

Does anyone know if these clip on magnet “noise filters” work?

The board is about a year old and was not susceptible to this problem before i messed with upgrading the server and app. more than likely a coincidence but throwing that out there.