Anyone know how to set up an TLS cert with kegbot server/kegberry?

My Makerspace has set up a Kegbot on a Kegerator we have converted for Nitro cold brew coffee. (We did a Kegberry build with DIY parts) Since the station is run on a volunteer basis rather than constantly staffed, easy remote management of the Kegbot server would be ideal. We were going to move the server to an AWS instance. Unfortunately since Kegbot accepts login credentials due diligence requires that a public-facing webpage that accepts credentials needs to have an encrypted connection. Has anyone previously set up a Kegbot Server with an SSL (TLS now) Cert? I cant find any documentation on this.

I have an nginx reverse proxy that sits in front of my kegbot server and uses Lets Encrypt to provide an SSL certificate for connections to any of the servers on my network.

I’ll try to put together some links/instructions over the next few days. Right now the reverse proxy is all running in Docker containers but no reason why you couldn’t setup the HTTPS/Let’s Encrypt directly on the nginx server on Kegbot

does kegbot use an nginx server by default or would I have to just set up an nginx server, configure it as a reverse proxy, and point it at the kegbot port?

The Kegbot installation creates an nginx server by default. You would just have to configure the settings to support SSL. I have not run through these exact steps since my setup is a bit different, but Digital Ocean has instructions for setting up SSL with Let’s Encrypt and Nginx on Debian.