Arduino Mega not recognised as a controller by App

I recently successfully built as system using a rooted Nexus 7, Raspberry Pi server, cheap flow meters, temp sensor and an Arduino Duemilanove. All worked very well for my 2 tap fridge setup so I am excited about putting this into real use.

Having now started my kegerator build I added another 4 taps so bought an Arduino Mega to make use of the 6 tap system.

However the Android App does not register the mega as a Controller. I can swap in the Duemilanove (even without the flow meters attached) and the App immediately registers it.

Do I need to edit the Arduino Kegboard Sketch in some way or add anything to the Mega Board to make it work?

Hi, you can turn of DEBUG in the settings file to bring the controller up.

I’m not sure why it isn’t reporting as more than 2 flow meters by default.

Thanks mate, I have not touched it since so I will have another look now to see if I can get it to work

You also have to manually add the flow meters. I am using a rpi and not the app as the server FYI

Just to close the loop (maybe) I could not get a mega recognised by the tablet app which is a shame as I was hoping to use NFC with more than 2 taps

Thanks moad, I must get round to revisiting this. I spent a lot of time first time round and failed

I’ve just tried my genuine mega that has a serial set and it did work with the app!

I’m going to try setting a serial on my other mega I was trying with, will report back

Hi Geoff,

That worked!

So you will need to have a kegbot server installed (a good idea anyway as the feature set is limited without one) and then install the support tools (pip install kegbot-kegboard) then it will be in /usr/local/bin


hope this helps you and anyone else.



Nice one Moad, you have given me renewed enthusiasm