Automatic snapshot not working on 2nd taps within app

I have 3 kegboard pro mini’s running 6 taps, all are recognized by the app and register flows correctly BUT only one tap on each kegboard initiates an automatic snapshot, the 2nd on each board opens the camera with the pour but requires the user to click ‘Take Picture’ rather than taking automatically after a few seconds.

If I authenticate during the pour or click claim pour on one of the taps which isn’t automatically taking pics it then switches to auto mode and does take a pic.

This won’t be an issue when the KBPM’s support relays and I have my solenoid valves operational as then no-one will be able to initiate a pour without authenticating however for now, the ‘snapshots’ are my only way of knowing who is using the kegerator if they don’t authenticate with their I-button, and no-one will be authenticating when they know they can help themselves to free beer on the taps where pictures are not taken automatically.

I think this is related to this post on the old forum:
Was a resolution ever found for these other users?

Thank You

No resolution yet, but the issue is known and captured over in Github.

OK, thank you for replying. Hopefully they’ll figure it out soon.