Barbed Fittings?!

I’m having so much trouble finding the Nylon Barbed fittings for the FT330-RJ Flow Sensor. Anyone have a link as to where I can get them?

I’ve found ones that fit, but only have a 1/2 Barb so it is way to big for the beer line.

I just have an adrafruit 1/2 flow meter but If it’s 1/2" npt… I just went to grovers “A plumping supply store in boise, ID” and bought a 1/2" male to 1/4 inch barb and a 1/2" coupler… seems to be working well. Hope you get it working and keep at it!!

Hi there,

These are the fittings we used in the kits (Thogus TAF1064/PPB). From time to time they are available in stock on amazon.