Beer Fridge Inventory

Kegbot looks like it does a lot of cool things. Does it also do beer fridge inventory? For example, when someone asks what I have in the fridge I can point them to the display and they can update the inventory by pressing a button.


I like the idea of an inventory but the kegbot is not setup to do this. It would be nice app.

Are you looking to inventory cans/bottles like the Budweiser Bud-E Wifi Fridge?

Or do you mean accessing Kegbot over the network and seeing how much liquid inventory is left in each Keg inside your fridge?

I’m thinking of something similar to Bud-E Wifi Fridge but with all beer cans\bottles. I’m thinking of having a combination of the Kegbot so I can see what’s left in each keg of my kegerator plus being able to manage what’s in the beer fridge. I know that this will need to some sort of input from me on what beers are being added to the fridge and then the person taking the beer from the fridge will then hit a minus sign (consumed button) to adjust the inventory.