Binding taps to Android devices

I would like to use multiple Android tablets and have some number (likely 1 to 4) of taps bound to a particular Android device so that the Android device will only display and allow access to the assigned taps and so that multiple Android devices do not try to attach to the same controller for a particular tap.

My current interest is in using the Particle network based implementation with this, but it also makes sense (at least to me) that for an Arduino based controller, the Android could (should?) be limited to displaying and accessing taps physically connected via the USB connection.

Is this something that would be useful or interesting to anyone else?

Does anyone (cough Mikey cough) have any suggestions on the best place within the code to implement this? I am thinking that the binding would be configured on the server and that it would only return the authorized taps to the Android and that the Android would not even know other taps existed.

I’d love to get feedback on this idea, and useful implementation features and suggestions on approach.


I believe that you can turn off individual taps in the android app already. You can only assign flow meters for the controller you have connected to the android app. True, you can access all of the taps and assign the wrong ones from the android app, but once it is setup you shouldn’t have any issues. I regularly do 10 taps, 2 android tablets, and 2 controllers (one for each tablet). I usually assign all the taps at the tablet.

Hi thehijjt,

In my test configuration, I have a bunch of taps without controller assignments, and some with controllers that I don’t think are on the Android tablet, but all of them appear in the rotating tap list. Maybe I just don’t know how to configure them.

And related to your question in the other post, I am testing with a Particle Photon flow meter, so I’m not sure how multiple Androids will deal with that (I only have one tablet for my testing right now).

I am also using a central server separate from the Androids if that is different from your configuration.

I truly appreciate the response and I’m happy to try anything if you have any pointers.


Go to the three dots on the upper right in the android app, and click manage taps. In there there us an on/off slider on the top right of each tap. I believe you can turn off the ones you don’t want to rotate on the main page.
I haven’t tried the proton yet, but the app can only connect to one network controller at a time the way it is currently written. This should be fine for what you want to do, as long as you don’t set both tablets to the same IP.

Thanks thehijjt,

I’ll try that and report back.