Cannot download backup on Digital Ocean

Export creates a zip file for download, but when you opt to dl it you get

403 Forbidden
nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

anyone else seen this or is it me?

I’m seeing it as well. No idea how to fix it quite yet

Work around is to transfer the zip via the terminal by command line. Its a pain but its a solution for now.

Is this still an open issue? I’m using Kegberry 2.1.1 and I get a 403 error when trying to download the backup file.

I have not seen a fix come around for this, I am still transferring via command line.

Could you provide or point me to instructions for transferring via command line for a Linux dummy?

some info here. The other and easier option is to use a ftp client like filezilla if you are not familiar with command line syntax. And honestly it is still easier even if you are familiar with the syntax.

Thanks for the info; the problem I’m running into is that the pi user is denied access to the backup directory, and the kegbot user doesn’t have a password so I can’t log in with it.

I was able to change permissions on the /backups directory and the backup file in order to access it.
I found this also enables the “download” functionality to work from the web page as well.

Excellent, how did you do it?

Granted read access to the backups directory for everyone (which would include the pi user):
chmod 755 ~/kegbot-data/media/backups

Granted read access to the backup files in that directory for everyone:
chmod 644 ~/kegbot-data/media/backups/*.zip

This allowed me to download the backup file either with SFP (logged in as pi user) or right from the webpage.
This doesn’t completely solve the issue of not being able to download backups from the web page. Any new backup file that is created doesn’t seem to inherit permissions (is that a thing in Linux?) so you would have to grant read access to the new file.

This is still an issue, setgid may be a solution. I think it is the permissions of whatever the process is writing the backups.

I am looking for ways to automate the backup so I can forget about it

OK so i found if you run the backup via “kegbot backup” you can then download it in the web ui.

So set a cron job to backup daily/weekly whatever you like.

I will then see if I can script a winscp task or something similar to pull the file to dropbox. There is probably an easy way to do this in ubuntu but i am not too experienced with it