Change user access level

Is it possible to take an existing user and make them an admin? I don’t see anywhere in the UI where it allows you to change the access level of a user (to increase or decrease it). Is this possible?

Admin… Users…access control… Enable staff status.

Ah - I see. I had Staff access, but unless you’re a superuser you don’t see any of this. Any tricks to enable superuser status for any account except the original account I created first?

Another option and one that isn’t officially supported (due to the potential to corupt data bases) is

Add the following line to


Then restart the server.

You need to run kegbot syncdb after enabling admin.

Then restart

After it’s back up, navigate to the server’s admin page. You’ll see a new option for Database Admin. Under that you can make super users. Again this is a bit of a hack, I haven’t had a problem with it yet, but I do very little in the database admin section.