Changing the Layout (10 taps on single screen)

I’m attempting to use Kegberry (w/o flowmeters) for a tap list at a bar I’m working with. They have 30 taps, so a having only the default 4 taps displayed at a time is not feasible. It’d be nice to 2 columns each with 5 taps in each column on one screen. Is there an easy way of changing the layout or I’m going to have to dig through the html/css files to change this?

Another thing that would be nice for users that are using kegberry w/o flow meters is the ability to easily disable the display of pints remaining and/or the keg indicating the beer remaining. Since I’m not going to have flowmeters (flowmeters for 30 taps is mucho $$$), I don’t need any indication of how much beer is remaining.