Cheap tablet advise

Hi, I’m here and just installed my draft system at home. I have a 4 tap elbow tower and want to build my kegbot. To start, I have 2 questions:


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You can have 4 taps or more. I might be expanding mine to 6 here in the near future. The number of taps you will run is configured in the server back end (or you can add them through the app). You will need a tap kit from the shop per line, unless you want to diy your own arduino. In which case you are on your own.

That tablet looks like it might work. Supports USB host mode which is good, you may need to root the tablet so it will charge and power at the same time. You will also need a port on a powered USB hub for each kbpm.

I can confirm this one works-

Thanks for the advise. Quick question, if the tablet use separate input for charging vs the micro usb, do I still need to root the tablet?


If you have a separate power input you shouldn’t need to root the device.

Did you get this tablet?

Not yer, since I live in Mexico, I’ll be receiving it in 2 weeks. Will let you know if all futures work fine.

Dragon touch tablet never arrived, so I purchased a Digiland tablet on BestBuy:
I have not connected all components yet, but sensors work fine and are detected on the tablet app through the OTG.
I´ll route the tablet and connect my kegberry and run the server on the weekend and will let you know how it works.

I saw their site,All the product leads to their Amazon store,cheap as possible

How did it workout? I have been looking at this tablet.

child pad

Flow meters, app, camera work fine and had no problems at all while working for days. The only cons is that you need to root the device in order to conect sensors and charge at same time but it was easy with some online instructions and the display resolution is kind of cheap that with a lot of light in the room you can only look at it in one angle.

I haven’t start my kegberry project, but I hope I can set up this weekend.

I saw this tablet for 30 dollars less in amazon just FYi.