Creating brand new Raspberry Pi build. Having some issues

Fresh Raspberry Pi image (RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy)

Under I’ve followed all the steps but seem to be having some issues.

The documents show this:

$ virtualenv /data/kb

but it errors out and the only way I can get it to work is if I use sudo.

The same goes for:

pip install -U kegbot

And it errors out. Are these install docs valid for setup on a Raspberry Pi?


Hi Raine,

We actually have a RPi-specific installer called “Kegberry”, which makes a lot of simplifying assumptions for you. Have you given those instructions a shot? In your case, I’d follow method #2.

Ya I’ve been looking at that this morning. From what I understand though, is that I won’t be able to use the Android that is running the kegbot software that allows the photos/nfc/pour notifications still?

Is this a false assumption?



I should follow up by stating that my current build is a two tap system with a kegboard, flow sensors, etc, that I bought from Kegbot a year ago. I’m just rebuilding the software and having a hard time.


You can definitely use Rapsberry Pi and Android concurrently!

Kegberry makes it possible to use Kegbot without a tablet – letting you plug the controllers directly into the RPi. However if you don’t do this, it’s just like any other Linux box running kegbot-server.

Be warned that the RPi is a little underpowered (though there are many happy bots using it this way).

Great news :smile:
I tried to set up a kegserver on a mac mini that I have running plex, but I’ve been having issues getting that up and running python? I’ll have to retry and see if I can get that going and then just walk away.

Any word on Keghub and if that will ever get off the ground?

It’s humming along it beta, unfortunately we’re still a little ways away from opening it up to everyone. I’ll post an update here separately soon.

Great news. Especially with the TLD .BEER out now :smile: