Current Tablets


What tablet is everyone using for Kegbot these days? I’ve have been using a Nexus (2012) with CM10.1 USB for the last couple years, but looking to upgrade to something better. Thanks.


I just bought an Acer Iconaia A200 on amazon for $100. I got tired of trying to get a tablet to charge with the OTG cable…I never had a ton of luck with it. Seems to me that the tablets with a full size USB port and separate charging ports are the way to go. I wish I had done it a long time ago.


Still got the 2012 Nexus - it was finicky to set up, but has been pretty solid since then so I don’t see any reason to change.


did you get the 8GB or 16GB version?


The 8GB. I’m only using it for kegbot so I didn’t think I’d need more. I already have a server set up, So I’m not using it as a server, either.


kewl thanks. i saw some on ebay. for the time being I re-flashed my nexus 2012 back to 4.2.2 and used the CM 10.1 USBROM to get charging with host mode at same time. I really want to upgrade to a 10" tablet tho.


FYI you’ll need a kernel such as khaon kernel to run USB host mode and charging. Can confirm nexus 10 is working with this kernel.


Well turns out it isn’t working. Even though the battery appears to be charging while powering the arduino it is actually slowly draining.
This is even with the screen off and tab locked so must be an issue with host mode and charging.

It could be the Rom or kernel, will try some others


Quick update, potentially still the rom or kernel but ran it without the arduino plugged in and had the same issue using just the otg y cable.

So either the cable or rom/kernel.

The same cable did work with an n7.