Design and layout help

Hi I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the design and layout of the whats on tap section?
Any help would be awesome thanks

I’d like to have the ‘full screen’ horizontal rather than vertical so it represents the actual layouts of the taps on my kegerator rather than a list going down. Most monitors are wider than they are tall so it would make sense that the kegs show side by side rather than on top of each other.

Also, the chart on the stats page isn’t big enough to see any drinker name on the left side of the chart. Names on the right and bottom are visible but names to the left are cut off.

You can definitely customize the templates, although unless you submit a patch to us you’ll have to preserve a copy of the edits since a future update could clobber them.

As a start, the template to edit is the file pykeg/web/kegweb/templates/kegweb/fullscreen.html.

Mikey, thanks for the update. Where exactly is this path? I was navigating the server and couldn’t seem to find it.

Cdh, not sure if you have been able to find the path, but for me (kegberry) the files are located in /home/kegbot/kegbot-server.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pykeg/web/kegweb/templates/kegweb/

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.