Display more detailed beer info

There is a lot of information loaded into the kegbot server. Is there a way to display any additional information about the beer that is on tap? I can manually add the abv and ibu’s but, it doesn’t show up anywhere on the application. I also tried to link my untappd account but, have been unsuccessful so far.

I just got the kegbot and so far its great

What issue are you having with your untappd account. I had a hard time getting it to link until I looked at the redirect that was being sent, and realized in the untappd account settings I didn’t have my call back url correct. Mine is


This goes in your “app settings” in untappd.

That fixed the issue with untappd. Thanks!

I’m guessing there is no way to change the information on the display, or use the info from untappd in the KegBot app

I don’t think so but I am not using the app since I don’t have a tablet, so I could’t tell you if it was a setting.

I do remember reading a post, I can’t remember if it was this forum or the old forum talking about having a database with all of the info. I am pretty sure they decided since there were other databases out there, they would just use those.

Here is something I found on the old forum.

Not sure if it would work now or if it could be modified to do what you are thinking about.


Also, Untappd’s api under the explorer tab has the explorer tab that shows you:
“To get you a quick flavor of how respones are formed without actually writting any code, we have enabled this simple API explorer that allows you to make requests and see their response.”

I would think you should be able to write a web hook that would do what you are looking to do, but I would think you would have to do more tinkering. Maybe @mikey or @stoicist could provide more information on where you would need to make the call and have it post.

I’ve never been able to get an Untappd developer account - what do you have to do? I’ve submitted requests twice and never heard back. Is there any way to do this with just a regular Untappd account? I assume no but it sure would be nice!


add application form (tab). I had a reply within a day

I’m unfamiliar with callbacks and APIs, so noob question time: is this the IP of the server or the tablet? Port 80, I imagine? I took a few stabs, but all I’ve gotten is:

{"meta":{"http_code":500,"error_type":"param_error","error_detail":"Your redirect_url is invalid or doesn't match what was provided in registration"},"response":[]}

Nevermind. I’m dumb and figured this out.