Does the KBPM include temp sensor?

Or do I need to add one separately?

I don’t believe it does. You can probably verify on the schematic. Looks like (to me at least) the best way to add temp to the KBPM is by using a Coaster with it.

Thanks, i figured as much. My set up includes a coaster, but the temp readings are way off. I think the coaster is too high in the kegerator/keezer and not reading the correct temp vs analog thermostat.

Do you have a working fan inside the kegerator? I have one that both circulates the inside air and also cools the tower. That keeps a pretty consistent temperature throughout and the coaster reading is pretty accurate. I built it using a project box, old computer fan, PVC, and a DC power supply. You can probably find a bunchx of tutorials online.