Donate to the creators?

This is an awesome project, and even more awesome it’s open source. I know it is no longer actively maintained, but I have definitely enjoyed experimenting with the code and found it interesting/useful. Looking on Github and, I don’t see any way to donate to the creators (even just to buy them a beer :slight_smile: ). Is there a way to say ‘thanks’ to the creators?

That’s a kind thought! But no donations necessary. The best way you can contribute is to give back to the community: Hang around here, answer questions for noobs, help improve documentation, and so on.

Some day we’ll have another meetup, you can buy me a beer then :slight_smile:

Hi @mike thanks so much for putting this together, my setup has been working flawlessly for over a year.

I would like to contribute to documentation and guides. I need to set a friends up from scratch so could document the entire process thoroughly.

What would be the best format? I could create a threat and if you are happy it could be stickies or I could update he wiki if you like

Thanks again,


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