Downloading pycore

@mike the script for installing pycore looks like its broken.

Looks like it is a URL in there

Bombs out with - urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: SSL is required

any help?

edit - I might not need it at the moment as I am using a tablet but I am assuming it is required to interface the arduino to server if there is no tablet in the mix?

Actually this also means I can’t install kegbot-kegboard to get the tools such as set-kegboard-serialnumber

@moad I also hope the scripts can be updated, but in the meantime you should be able to download the the files I’ve put together at Once you unzip the directory you can manually install the required packages from the included tar.gz files. In that zip file you should see a script for which shows the correct order of installing the packages in order to have the required dependencies.

This was initially put together for the Kegberry installation, but you should be able to just grab what you need and manually install things. Let me know if you run into any issues with this method.

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Thanks @johnnyruz I’ll come back to this, I will only need it if my arduino dies and I need to set a serial number. Although I am setting up another server for a friend so if he doesn’t get a tablet I’ll need pycore too.
Will report back in a few weeks, my time has been spent getting automated backups working to dropbox which I got working last night.

Thanks man that worked

Just not sure what to set the api key to to run kegbot core, is it the web API under account on the server?

That’s a good question and I’ll have to research this a little bit. When I go through the installation of the full Kegberry setup, including pycore, there is a file generated called pycore_flags.txt in the hidden .kegbot folder (same as that includes a flag for the API URL, as well as an API Key. This key is different than the one under the Admin -> Account page but it works fine.

I haven’t manually setup any Pycore API keys, the auto-generated one in that file has just always worked.

web api key did the trick.

I smashed my tablet so have plugged directly in to the server but it isn’t behaving as it should.

I’ll have to pull the project box with the arduino apart to look at connections, some flows are fine others aren’t.

edit: just happened to be the one flow I was testing with wasn’t working, the plug worked on every other input on the arduino. Will still have to crack it open and resolder a connection most likely!