Dual Tap Setup with Single Microcontroller


I have wanted to build one of these setups for some time and finally have the time to do it (hooray). I have a dual tap kegerator that I would like to add the Kegbot onto. I already have a gen 1 Nexus 7 that I will root so I’m set there. What I’m interested in knowing is the best practices in setting up a dual tap.

Looking at the site I see that a kit is a couple of barb to NPT adapters, a flow meter, and some micro controller that converts the signal from the flow meter into something usable by kegbot. My question is if there is another microcontroller available that I could use instead of having to buy 2 of the complete setups? I didn’t find one on the site anywhere and didn’t see any forum posts with this info.

I have a fair bit of hardware hacking background so if there is something that I could grab and adapt that may be a fun side project. Anyways if anyone has any thoughts LMK. TIA and Cheers!

Easiest thing to do is buy two of the kits from the store. If you wanted to save some cash you could get one kit and just a second flow meter as each KBPM can support two meters ( you have to splice wires or get a punch down block… I just bought the kit for each one of my 3 taps. I was a bit more $$, but everything is pretty much plug an play that way.

Thanks for the reply. That is what I figured but wanted to double check. Would be nice if there was a board that did something like 4 inputs but oh well. The flow meters are the majority of the cost anyways. I would splice in the wires but I also want to add a thermostat too so I will likely need to splice the wires on one of the ports for that.

I’m getting ready to hook up a second board for my left tap. I’m assuming you are just using one tablet and a usb hub to connect them both? If so, could you tell me about your setup? I’m currently using an old Moto Xoom and it seems to have an issue when i connect one or more boards through a usb hub.

As an alternative, you could try using a “Coaster”.

Looking at the store, those don’t seem to be available anymore. I believe the schematics are all available on the web if you’re feeling particularly industrious. If memory serves, there have been some folks in the community who have pooled together for an OSH Park order as well.

I’m running two taps off a single controller with a coaster and it works just fine.