Email Configuration Problem

I’ve had my kegbot running for a good while but I’m just now configuring email. I’ve followed instructions on other threads and updated the with the gmail information. All seems fine, and there is nothing listed on what it takes to “commit” these changes, but I saved the file, restarted Kegbot, and yet I still get the warning that there is an Email Configuration Problem. There is some note that I should set the EMAIL_BACKEND, but other than the default setting, how am I to configure this? Any other tips? Any debug information that will tell me what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!

The email settings that I use for my configuration look like this:

# Tell Kegbot use the SMTP e-mail backend.
EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'

EMAIL_HOST_USER = '{email address at gmail}'
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = '{gmail password}'
EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS = '{anything you want}'

Do you have a KEGBOT_BASE_URL set?

Pretty sure that’s the exact syntax I was using that was not working and causing weird problems in the admin UI. Would the KEGBOT_BASE_URL be set in the same If so, no.

Alright - just copy/pasted your config in, configured it of course, and now I don’t get the weird admin ui bug, but I don’t get email working either - same warning that it’s not configured properly.

Just to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid, you weren’t implying that I should include the {} inside the quotes, were you?

What restart procedures do you use when you make a change like this. I’m using my standard:
sudo service nginx restart
sudo supervisorctl restart all kegbot

The KEGBOT_BASE_URL does go in the file, and it is the URL that you use to access the kegbot from the internet.

Where are you getting a warning? You do not need the {}, but I put everything in single quotes ‘’.

I normally do not restart ngix, and all I do to restart:
sudo service supervisor restart

Alright - I added the KEGBOT_BASE_URL line into the I did it in the form of http://.com - saved, restarted supervisor, same warnings. Note that the warnings read as follows:

Warning: E-Mail Configuration Problem
E-mail is not properly configured; no mails will be sent. Please read the docs for more information (hint: set EMAIL_BACKEND and EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS in

I don’t know what it is about those settings in particular, but one seems obvious and the other doesn’t really seem configurable. Is there something I can check on that one? Is there something I have to do to set it up?

Can you post the contents of EMAIL_BACKEND and EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS?

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend’
EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS = ‘[email protected]