External Usb Rfid reader

Hi All

I have one kegboard attached to two flowmeters and my Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1.
I am running the kegbot server on raspberry pi.

Everything is working but i would like to have Rfid authentication.
Is it possible to use a external usb rfid reader and connect it to a usb hub that has external Power and connect the kegboard and tab in the same hub?



So nobody knows?
Not even the guys from Kegbot?

It might, I am not sure how well the app plays with having multiple devices connected through the USB port. It also may depend on the tablet you are using.

@mikey hasn’t been around lately I am guessing work has him elsewhere as kegbot is a side project for him.

Not the answer you want to hear but you could always try and post the results here. The kegbot project is open source so we only know based on what others have triee


Thank you for the answer.
I’ll give it a try when i recive the stuff


Do i need to upgrade My firmware on My kegboard recived in februari 2015?

i dont see why you would since you are not actually connecting through the kbpm, most people you are flashing theirs with new firm ware are attempting to connect through them,

Hi Niklas,

Sorry to take it off topic, but what was required to get the 10.1 working with Kegbot? I have it in Debug mode with a otg cable (have confirmed it charges and can have files transferred to it, but doesn’t seem to pass the OTG mode tests with an OTG checker). Do you have to root it?




I have rooted My 10.1 with cynogen mod
I first turned the Otg cable the wrong way so it wouldn’t detect My flowmeters.

My problem is that it wont charge connected via tab, kegboard and power
IF you have a solution Please let me know