Extra components for sale - SF800 Flow meters, DIY Kegboard setup, RFID reader

I ended up selling my Kegerator, I know rookie mistake, but I have a few extra parts from my builds. I also have a custom kegboard, I just used a normal arduino uno with a customizable shield and set it up that way, comes with a case and a SF800 flow meter. Also have a brand new ID-12LA RFID reader chip, never soldered or installed.
Prices are as follows:
SF800 Flow Meter - SOLD
Kegboard with SF800 - $30
ID-12LA RFID reader - $15

Prices do not include shipping. Most likely around $5 for shipping in the US.
Message me if you are interested.

Do the flow meters still have the cat 5e jacks on them?

No, these flow meters have 3 pin plugs.

I messaged you, but didn’t get a reply. I am interested in buying one of the SF800 Flow Meters.

I am also in same boat, have sent you a few PMs and am happy to take them off you but haven’t received a reply

3 SF800’s sold.

Sent you a message.

I want to use a solenoid to control the pour when RFID reader detects a car, is there any image of this program, diagram, etc??

I vaguely remember in one of the earlier arduino scripts it was possible to add a solonoid onto one of the pins. After that it would be a custom job to set it to pour for a certain amount of time before closing off the solonoid. My plan was to build one and even bought this solonoid from ebay.