Extra SF800 Flow Meters

I ended up selling my Kegerator, I know rookie mistake, but I have a 3 extra SF800 flow meters from my builds.
Prices are as follows:
2 SF800 Flow Meter with both tube adapters - $40 each
1 SF800 Flow Meter with only one tube adapters - $30

Prices do not include shipping. Most likely around $5 for shipping in the US.
Message me if you are interested.

I am interested. Starting a project and I also live in the Seattle area. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, let me know which ones you need. I am currently on the east side of the state so would still have to ship them to you.

My email is SEAN L SIMON at G Mail DOT Com. Drop me an email and we can work it out. Don’t think they support PMs here.