Feature request add email

is there a way to add an email address after account creation? if not there should be. Thanks again for a great project!

Are you talking about using a server install or just the app?

On the server side. I haven’t found a way to add an email address after you create a user account

I originally thought you would be able to when you choose edit user but I see that you are correct. I am sure it requires the app…

I just checked you can’t add an email to an account after creation in the app either…

You can do this in the django database admin.

Add the following line to local_settings.py


Then restart the server.
After it’s back up, navigate to the server’s admin page. You’ll see a new option for Database Admin.
You can add the email from the Users section there.

Thanks I’ll give a go later tonight.

hmmm I’m getting a server error 500 after adding the line to the local settings. Any suggestions?

You need to run kegbot syncdb after enabling admin.

(It’s not documented, and KEGBOT_ENABLE_ADMIN is something of a hack…)

Awesome! Thanks! Now all i need is to get it to start sending emails.

FYI, a proper fix for this was just released in v1.2.3.

Awesome Mikey. You are a hero to all of us.