Feature Request: Keg graphics matching keg styles

Hey All,
Love the new Keg Room feature, and the full-sized “What’s on tap” screen - we’ve got it on a TV right above our two kegerators.

Feature request time: All kegs display the same graphic, whether they’re 1/2bbl, 1/6bbl, etc. How cool would it be if the graphic was based on the keg size, so you could tell the difference? I’d love to see it and it would be a great finishing touch.

Great idea! It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while too :slight_smile: – and we can make it happen!

I have vector illustrations for a bunch of other shell types. What I need is help: someone who can go into illustrator or photoshop and slice up 90% - 80% … 0% versions of each type. Similar to the set We have now. It’s tedious but maybe could be scripted.

Bonus points would be to do this for several colors / SRM types, too. Any volunteers?

Hrm - can you post some samples of what you have so we know what we’re looking for? I think I get the idea but I’d need to see some source files before I’m sure whether or not I can do it.

Ping! Any updates here @mikey? I kinda wanna make this happen :slight_smile: