Feature request: more stats!

It would be great if in a future release we can have more stats on the stats page and on each persons profile. It would be great if the admin had the option of choosing which one display too

A few ideas for the stats page are:
Average # of Drinks per session
Average number of drinkers per session
Average number of drinkers per keg.

On profile pages:
Number of session participated in
Number of kegs poured from
Number of people who drank with that profile

Any one else have any ideas?

It would be great if we could separate alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks. I keep soda & sparkling water in my kegerator as well as beer but as the stats don’t differentiate between the two it looks as if I’m a raging alcoholic drinking way more than anyone else (friends who only drink beer when they are over) and starting my sessions at breakfast time.

Oh so not everyone starts the day with a morning stout? I like the idea of logging NA drinks. Also it would be cool to see what percentage of a keg a particular profile had.