Finally finished kegbot setup

Looks absolutely fantastic! Are you mirroring the tablet display on the wall mounted TV? How are you accomplishing that? A five-tap setup must have pretty intricate wiring. How many KBPM’s are you using?

The tablet has a mini HDMI out that is connected to the tv…but…I tested out my chromecast with that android tablet using their cast screen feature (in beta right now) and it also worked. The chromecast option would have been ideal since it can mirror the screen with no wires. This is an older kegbot version, I have an atmega2560 with my own simplified shield. I didn’t use the RFID or the relays…or the test LEDs. Just a simple shield with low pass filters to combat ghost pours (and a buzzer). I have an old pentium 4 pc as my kegbot server and it actually runs pretty well.

That is awesome!

Follow up for anyone looking for a cheaper solution to flow meters. These cheap little meters on ebay work with the same 2.2k resistor used for SF800 meters. I have found these are just as accurate and currently using 2 of them on my5 taps system.


Thanks for the heads up on this. I have a 4 tap now that I’ve wanted to do KegBot with for a while, but I also want to integrate access control as well.

Picked up 6 of these so I have 2 as a spare for when the time comes to start the build. :smile:

Quick question…

Looking at these, how are they wired to an RJ-45 connector? Is there a schematic somewhere, or a build sheet, on how to splice the RJ-45 to the cord that is on the flow meter?

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Ok, looks like I found the pinout for it.

Correct, should be pins 6 and 8 for the flow signal inputs. You’ll have to take an ethernet cable and cut off one end and find 6/8 and connect each to their respective input pins on the flow meters (should be the yellow lines).

Hey @rodee728 - I’ve got a couple of these cheap sensors on the way to use with my Arduino Mega.

How do you go about wiring up the sensors with the 2.2k resistor?
The sensors 3 wires - 5v and ground spliced together - to the pins on the arduino.
Signal/yellow to pins 2/3/20 or 21.
Where does the resistor go?

Awesome looking build by the way!

@angrypirate did you find the wiring diagram for the resistors?

Hey @moad - my 2min mspaint job of how mine is set up.
You need to bridge the resistor between your 5v and the signal line.
(I actually ended up splitting my 5v so the resistors don’t touch. I’m don’t have a lot of experience with electronics, but by my thinking the signal could travel back through one resistor into another giving a false ‘pour’. Not sure if that’s accurate or not?)

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Yup exactly how i did mine!