Flow meter not showing connected in the tap settings

I have finished my first “Build.” I am running my bot off a HP mini running Ubuntu currently, with the plan of moving to a kegberry in the future. I do not have a tablet yet but I am looking for one. The issue I am having, is my flow meter is not showing connected on my tap, and it doesn’t show up in the list. I know its connected and sensing beer through it, since it does light up when a pour is started. Am I missing something in the admin setup? I did see under settings a check box for enable sensing, which I have checked. I did search through the forums(both new and old) but I haven’t found the solution yet.

Thanks for the help


As I understand it the tablet is your front end and the server runs the back end. Without the tablet your server cannot see the flow meter

It’s been a while, so take this with a grain of salt - but I believe the kegbot server used to have a daemon/controller you could run that would handle all the communication with the kegboard. You would have to look through the docs to see if it is still available. It is possible this has completely gone away with the move to a tablet as the controller.

This should actually be what you’re looking for:


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thank you guys for the help!

I ran:

(pycore)[email protected]:/$ kegbot_core.py --api_url=http://myipaddress/api/ --api_key=mykeyfromtheaccountpage

and I get this

2015-01-01 10:32:29,448 INFO (main) Kegbot is starting up.
2015-01-01 10:32:29,453 INFO (main) Starting all service threads.
2015-01-01 10:32:29,453 INFO (main) starting thread "heartbeat-thread"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,454 INFO (main) starting thread "sync-thread"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,457 INFO (main) starting thread "eventhub-thread"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,517 INFO (main) starting thread "watchdog-thread"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,566 INFO (main) starting thread "net-thread"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,569 INFO (main) All threads started.
2015-01-01 10:32:29,571 INFO (net-thread) Starting network thread.
2015-01-01 10:32:29,574 INFO (kegnet) Listening on redis channel "kegnet"
2015-01-01 10:32:29,884 INFO (TapManager) Updating tap: <Tap name=unknown.2 ml_per_tick=0.0 relay_name=>

I followed the document and opened a new terminal and ran this

kegboard_daemon.py --kegboard_device=/dev/cu.usbmodemfd131

I am getting this error

0: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/dev/ttyACM0’
2014-12-31 19:44:41,813 INFO (main) Device added: /dev/ttyACM0
2014-12-31 19:44:41,815 WARNING (main) Error opening device at path /dev/ttyACM0: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/dev/ttyACM0’
2014-12-31 19:44:41,921 INFO (main) Device added: /dev/ttyACM0
2014-12-31 19:44:41,922 WARNING (main) Error opening device at path /dev/ttyACM0: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/dev/ttyACM0’

the guide says I need to specify something other than the default if I am running on a mac or have multiple devices connected. I am running Ubuntu and I don’t have any other devices connected, just the kegboard.


So i noticed that my last didn’t post the TapManager

2015-01-02 17:50:15,127 INFO     (TapManager) Updating tap: <Tap name=unknown.2 ml_per_tick=0.0 relay_name=>

it seems like it might be locating my kegbot but not actually reading it?

I have no idea but I am trying.

when I do a lsusb I get:
Bus 002 Device 005: ID 03eb:0436 Atmel Corp.
I believe this is my keyboard, since it isn’t there when the board is unplugged and is there when its plugged in. According to the pycore documentation the daemon is looking for the usb device located at /dev/ttyUSB0 When I ls -l /dev/ I do not see any ttyUSB’s listed, should I?

So, I decided to try to flash the firmware. I downloaded the Arduino IDE and complied the software. I couldn’t connect the KBPM because it didn’t see it in the serial. I decided to try a different USB cable, than the one supplied with the KBPM. I was able to see the serial on the Arduino IDE. When I tried to flash the board flowing the walk through in the docs. Based on the specs of the KBPM on the store site I chose Leonardo under tools -> board. When I tried to upload the file it said there was no Leonardo connected. I decided to try and run the core and the daemon again and bam! the flow meter was recognized!

So it turns out my issued might have been the cable that came with the board!

So I only have one flow meter connected to my board, but I have two showing in the controller. Its the same meter and shows the same serial number. I assume I can delete one.