Flow sensor for kegboard mini pro

I’m pretty sure my flow sensor has died from my kegboard mini pro I bought afew years ago. How would I go about building another that plugs into the mini with Ethernet?

Seems like the Kegbot people are done with us silly little end users and have gone chasing the commercial market. There is currently NO solution for this but I am working on a product that will replace this DEAD system… Hold on!

I had one of my flow meters die on me. I purchased a new SF800 directly from Swissflow. I actually bought 2 so I would have a spare. (it comes from The Netherlands so shipping can take a while)


Mine came with a molex connector so I had to cut that one off and wire it up with a new connector (RJ45 Modular Plug). I just matched the wiring from the old one and used heat shrink to keep it all together and look clean.

The link above says you can get a jack-plug or molex connector on request. I’m not sure what they consider a “jack-plug” but you can always ask.

Hope this helps.


Looking forward to see this!