Flow Sensor Installation

We bought a few of the kegbot kits. We’ve come to assembling everything and I am wondering: should teflon tape be used when attaching the barbed fittings to the flow sensor? Seem to have a wee bit of a drip.


When I installed my flow sensor in my beer line the plastic barbed fitting that came with the kit broke off. I bought stainless steel fittings and I used a lot of teflon tape. Everything works fine now and I strongly recommend stainless steel fittings because of the stress the beer line / flow sensor is exposed to in most setups during e.g. keg change.


I used teflon tape (be sure to keep it away from the inlet/outlet of the sensor. Went for John Guest fittings so it was plug and play after that. No leaks so far after a few months of installation with keg changes.