Flowmeter stopped metering

Alright - I’ve been using this setup for some time, and I started troubleshooting by rebooting everything, but I’ve still got issues. On one of my taps (out of three), pours are detected (the tablet screen immediately shows that a pour has started), but the meter measures either far less than it should (0.7 oz in what looked like about 12), or little to no (0.0 or 0.1 oz poured).

I’d guess the issue is in the meter itself, but can anyone help with troubleshooting steps? Taking this thing apart is a royal pain, so whatever I can do to not do things that aren’t necessary would be nice.

That symptom usually describes a meter plugged in backwards. Does the arrow on the meter match the direction of flow?

Since you have multiple taps, another “easy” quick test is to swap the meters at the RJ45 connectors, then pour. Does the problem stick with the meter? If so, you might need to remove and clean it.

It was indeed backward. I forgot we had a guy come clean the thing and I didn’t tell him how to reconnect it. All good!