Foamy beer after flowmeter


Hi everyone!

I’m quite new in this kind of subject but I’m getting advance. One of my main problems was the foamy beer after my flowmeter. I believe we were able to solve that problem, basically, putting the flowmeter quite next to the keg and keep the entire line greatly straight.

My question is… somebody found the same solution? I keep my CO2 at 1.5 pressure, if I move up to 2-2.5 it will be foamy again?

thanks you!


I had the same issue with foam and phantom pours until I moved the flow meter closer to the keg. It was almost at the shank and in the coffin so warmth and proximity were the cause.


I’ve had the same issue as well, but moving the meter closer to the keg definitely has helped as well as running at a slightly lower pressure. When I did my initial installation without any flow meters I would run at about 12psi, after flow meter installation I run at about 8-10psi depending on the type of beer. Still a little bit of foam with the first pour after sitting for awhile, but then it settles down.

I’m running 5ft 3/16" beer lines that also have a chilled tower so the whole line is kept pretty cold which may also help with foaming.