Foursquare and Untappd setup problem

Hopefully someone can help. I have set up and configured the ID and secret for both Foursquare and untapped. However, when I go to link an account I am getting an error that the callback uri/redirect url is incorrect? What is the correct URL I should be specifying on the sites for these apps?

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that fixed the untappd callback issue for me.



These worked for me.

Thank, I searched the entire forum and documentation, then found this post right after I submitted mine. Appears this was posted just an hour before mine!

I have untapped and foursquare working, but not twitter. The kegbot core account and my linked user account are not posting on sessions start or drink pour. Also, if I try a test tweet, I am getting a 500 error.

Fixed. Had to change Twitter App settings to read/write. Then I had to regenerate the twitter keys and update them in the kegbot web admin page. Then had to relink the kegbot twitter core account and my user account.