Free original kegboard in SF Bay Area

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you want a free original Kegboard? Then I’m your guy. My keg got upgraded to the Kegboard mini, and then was given to a co-worker may months ago after a move. I’m cleaning house and ran across the original Kegboard and have no use for it. So, rather than tossing it, I’m letting some lucky person who is willing to come pick it up have it.

You’ll get…
1 version 1 Kegboard, professionally soldered by myself.
1 coaster, again professionally soldered by myself.
1 known working RFID card and some others that you can try out
1 solenoid to lock out the tap via RFID
0 flow meters, they went with the old keg
0 power supplies, not sure what happened to it
LOTS of various USB cables to try and tie everything together
Whatever other random stuff happens to be in the box.

Are you open to shipping?

My wife is in San Francisco on business thru Friday and may be able to pick it up. Is it still available?

Hey, I live in San Jose. Send me a message & I’ll come by. jtag98vipergtsr [at] yahoo [dot] com

Still available?

Live in SF and happy to come get this from you if still available … Lmk


I would imagine you already gave it away? If you have it, I will consider purchasing it. Let me know.

thank you!