FT-110 Flow Sensor


During my initial build I took a gamble and purchased some cheap flow sensors from eBay that supposedly reported between 0.5l and 30l with a 1% accuracy (FS200A). After spending sometime calibrating it looks its tick rate of 0.45 per ml isn’t really that good and even with a test 200ml pour of water it can be considerably less/more depending on the beer type being poured. The Nitro beer tap I have really screws up the pour amount.

After looking around I can see that locally in Australia there is stock of the Gems Sensor FT-110. Would this be suitable for using on a kegbot? This model has flow limits of 0.5L to 5L.? Would you think I would see an improvement over cheapo flow sensors?

Many thanks.


My only concern is that the ft110 isn’t listed as food safe, the ft330 is food safe and list for beverage purposes. That being said, I am sure it would be an improvement, I am very happy with my ft330