Gathering flowmeter data from a linux machine

Hello Everyone, I would like to setup my kegerator without a tablet, but use a raspberry pi or a Nuc. I want to send the flowmeter data to the Kegbot™server (cloud) and each of beer dispensary locations. I heard there is some python code you can run that would send back this data. Has anyone set something like up before? I think I need this code GitHub - Kegbot/kegbot-pycore: Command-line Kegbot daemon. Obsoleted by the Android app, but still maintained for legacy users and specialized non-Android setups.

I would also like to have a webcam setup and take pictures like the tablet does, I really enjoyed that feature. I’m planning to have the webcam there for streaming video when happy hours start, but wanted to see what my options are.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you’re using the kegboard arduino firmware:

Data will spew out the serial port as soon as it’s connected. The data is in a binary message format which you’ll need to decode. The python support library does that, and you can look at the included program as an example (hack it up for your own needs).

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